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Silver ring

  Silver Rings

When you get up in the morning and choose to wear  silver ring for the day it is a very personal choice. Perhaps sometimes you feel more like jeans and t-shirt while on other days it is a dress or a suit that just “feels right”. With jewelry it is just the same: it has to feel right. Just that one can wear the same piece every day and for some it never gets old.

Jewelry speaks to us. It carries a certain vibe, an energy, a feeling, in some cases even wisdom. Gemstones and natural materials such as silver and gold all have a different vibration and influence the energy of the person wearing it.silver ring

Some of our customers comment that they haven’t chosen the ring, the ring has chosen them. This is not uncommon. Jewelry emanates a certain vibration that is palpable to the sensitive person. Shape, style and material  has to be pleasing to the eyes of the new owner of the jewelry but sometimes a piece that one never thought “one’s style” feels surprisingly good and right.

 Vintage  silver ring

Even the finger a person wears a ring on is of importance: The index finger is correlated with self-confidence, ambition, leadership, executive ability, leadership. The middle finger with a sense of right and wrong, the law, search for truth, propriety, self-analysis and secretiveness. The ring finger represents, above all, creativity. It is creativity in artistic expression, in craftsmanship in every endeavor of life. The little finger is associated to intuition and intelligence.

Here at Vintage Treasures we have a wide variety of rings, most of them beautiful old Vintage pieces that certainly have a certain vibe and energy and history. We are delighted to help you find the right piece for you from silver to custom from simple to exotic.


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