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Custom Made Lampshades

Modern custom made lamp shades

Custom made lamp shades, chandelier, sconces, pendant lights are one of our many hand made items that we specialize in. We offer a variety of unusual costume made lamps shades, bridal hand bouquet and many more costume made items for your one of a kind events.For the past 18  twenty years Mona Peyman has been working with many designers actress and actors and producers to create something special for movies, houses or commercials .

All the material for the costume made lampshades can be made from antiques laces and trims or vintage fabric. We also can bring your old lampshades back to life and do repair almost all kind of old shades.If you have something that you like to turn in to a costume made lamp and make a shade for it too this is your one stop place. We are also planing to have a basic lampshade classes at the store and make sure that we can pass along this beautiful art to who ever is in the market for new projects or like to learn more about a very old art that only few people know. we offer a lot of different kind of fabric antiques and laces and trims that you have never seen anywhere else.If you are interested in our class please email us and on the subject mentions that you are interested in our custom made lamp shade class.We can also repair your old lampshade and bring it back to the original look most of the time.

Please if you have question or and Ideas do not hesitate to give us a call. you will be surprised to fined out how we can bring your imaginations to life and you can sit back and enjoy it.


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