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What is Turquoise:

Turquoise is one of the stones we sell here at Vintage Treasures the most! Known the stone of wisdom and spiritual journeys, it is the stone of the Native Americans but was also worn for thousands of years in Egypt, ancient Persia (Iran), Tibet and China. The oldest known piece of jewelry, a turquoise bracelet, was found on the wrist of a 7000 year-old mummified Egyptian queen.

The oldest mine on the North American continent, the Cerrillos mine just south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, dates back at least 2000 years.


To the Pueblo and the Navajo Native American Indians, turquoise is sacred because it takes its color from the sky, and
symbolizes the supreme power of the Creator.

Around 1920, Turquoise Jewelry became popular in western United States.

Today it’s among the most popular gemstones. Turquoise is believed to help you to better understand yourself, your ideas and emotions. It is a wonderful aid in regards to any type of analytical thinking. Modern spiritualists consider turquoise to be helpful for spiritual attunement, cleansing, protection and prosperity and a symbol of the earth and sky, of good fortune and success. Some cultures consider it a bridge between heaven and earth.

We have a wide selection of turquoise rings, ear rings and other jewelry from Native American originals to artistic contemporary pieces.

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